Job Description

We’re extremely hands-on with customers to learn about their pain points, shape our product, and make it work for them. Today, onboarding a new customer involves data onboarding (connecting to their Salesforce, understanding their data, and transforming it into our standardized format), configuration (wiring up our system to work for them and making sure results look good), potentially structuring and starting a pilot for 2 months during which we iterate to make the product work for them and prove out ROI, and then (post converting a full contract) staying close with the customers to make sure the product is working well for them and continue iterating as needed, based off any feedback on LLM + ML model performance.

This has been working great (we have a 90%+ conversion rate from qualified pilot → paying customer and typically pay for ourselves multiple times over through ROI in the pilot alone), but this takes time and hands-on, customer-focused work.

As we’re looking to rapidly scale our customer base this year, we’re looking for a first Forward Deployed Data Scientist who is excited to work closely with customers to make the product work for them and run pilots as well as onboard new customers, but also then use those observations to improve the product and our tooling to make getting future customers to success as fast, easy, and ideally self-serve as possible.

This is an incredibly high-leverage role since this is a huge bottleneck to our ability to scale revenue this year.

Day in the Life

This role is probably a mix between being:

If this sounds exciting to you, we’d love to chat!

Who You Are

The following are some attempts to define what the ideal candidate could look like for this role, but this would be our first Forward Deployed Data Scientist hire and we’re excited to chat with you if you think you could be a a great fit regardless of how many of the items below you meet!